Happy Monday, Gang! Hope your day goes by super fast. Maybe today’s new Mage comic will help!

Also, I wanted to talk a little bit about the rules Miranda works with. I’ll touch on this in the comic in due time, but for now, here are some tidbits.

Miranda knows 3 cantrips – spells she can cast all the time without having to look them up in her spell book.

Water Shield is a quick defensive spell that she can use to protect herself, but it requires a bit of concentration to stay active.

Lightning Bolt is her primary offensive spell. It’s bolt of electricity that’s roughly the same amount of voltage of a modern day taser.

Lastly, Miranda can summon a water elemental, Tide, at will. She needs water to do this however.  We’ll learn more about these spells and Tide in future comics!

See you tomorrow, and as always, Thanks for reading!